Chorégraphie Chorégraphe Année Musique Interprète
Boot Scootin' Boogie Bill Bader 1990 Boot Scootin' Boogie Asleep At The Wheel
Cruisin' Neil Hale 1990 Still Cruisin' Beach Boys
El Paso Inconnu 1991 Neon Moon Brooks & Dunn
California Prune Ron Holiday 1992 Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio  Aaron Tippin
Grundy Gallop Jenny Rockett 1995 Sold John Michael Montgomery
Black Coffee Helen O'Malley 1996 Black Coffee Lacy J. Dalton
Heads Or Tails Barbara J. Mason 1996 Heads Carolina Tails California Joe Dee Messina
Texas Stomp Ruth Elias 1996 Down On A Farm Tim McGraw
All Shook Up Naomi Fleetwood 1997 All Shook Up Billy Joel
Cannibal Stomp Lisa Firth 1997 Cannibals Mark Knoffler
Coastin' Ray & Tina Yeoman 1997 Lord Of The Dance Ronan Hardiman
Cowboy Cha Cha Inconnu 1997 Shadows In The Night Scooter Lee
Cripple Creek Kip Sweeney 1997 Cripple Creek Jim Rast & Wounded Knee
Razor Sharp Steve Sunter 1997 Siamsa Ronan Hardiman
Ridin' Dave Ingram 1997 Ridin' Alone Rednex
Rock Around The Clock Peter Metelnick 1997 Pocket Of A Clown Dwight Yoakam
Tush Push Jim Ferrazzano 1997 Every Little Thing Carlene Carter
Twist' Em Jo Thompson 1997 I'm From The Country Tracy Bird
Addicted To Love Max Perry 1998 Addicted To Love Kimber Clayton
Easy Come Easy Go Debbie Moore 1998 Any Man Of Mine Shania Twain
Electric Cowboy Carter Butler 1998 Heartaches By The Number The Deans
Fishers Hornpipe Val Reeves 1998 Fisher's Hornpipe David Schnauffer
Ghost Train Kathy Hunyadi 1998 Ghost Train Australian's Tornados
Guacamole Peggy Philipps 1998 Guacamole Texas Tornados
Paris 98 Michael John Snr & Michael John Jr 1998 Duelling Violins Ronan Hardiman
Red Hot Salsa Christina Browne 1998 Red Hot Salsa Dave Sheriff
Scotia Samba Liz et Bev Clarke 1998 Dance The Night Away Mavericks
Bare Essentials Carly Simond 1999 Bare Essentials Lee Kernaghan
Chattahoochee Jean S. Kotcha 1999 Chattahoochie Alan Jackson
Country Magic Ed Lawton 1999 Am I Blue George Strait
Crazy Little Thing Chris Hogson 1999 Crazy Little Thing  Dwight Yoakam
J' ai Du Boogie Max Perry 1999 J' Ai Du Boogie Scooter Lee
Jambalaya Ian St Leon 1999 Jambalaya Led Loader & The Barrels
Just A Minute Eddie Ainsworth & Lee Birks 1999 Wait A Minute Sara Evans
Picnic Polka David Paden 1999 Cowboy Sweetheart LeAnn Rimes
Pot Of Gold Liam Hrycan 1999 Pot Of Gold Ronan Hardiman
Straighten Up Liz Clarke 1999 If You Don't Straighten Up Scooter Lee
The Trail Judy McDonald 1999 Trail Of Tears Billy Ray Cyrus
A Little Bitty Dance Paul Dloouhy 2000 Little Bitty Alan Jackson
Ballymore Boys Dynamite Dot 2000 The Boys From Ballimore Shamrock
Beeing Mr Mom Nancy A. Morgan 2000 Mr. Mom Lonestar
Celtic Connection Clarke-O'Malley- Gallagher - Metelnick 2000 Cotton Eye Joe Chieftains
Jellyroll Jive Joanne Brady 2000 Love U Too Much Brady Seals
Live Laugh Love Rob Fowler 2000 Live Laugh Love Clay Walker
Margaritaville Linda Burgess 2000 Margaritaville Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffet
Pizziricco Dynamite Dot 2000 Pizzirico Mavericks
Sexy Tractor Bob Bonett 2000 She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Kenny Chesney
Alligator Rock Berkshire Country LD 2001 See You Later Alligator Johnny Earles
Billy Dance Pierre Mercier 2001 San Francisco Olsen Brothers
Clickety Clack Kathy Hunyadi 2001 Southbound Train Travis Tritt
It' s Raining Men Charlotte Oulton & Chris Taylor 2001 It's Raining Men Geri Halliwell
Mony Mony Maggie Gallagher 2001 Mony Mony Dean Brothers
No Problems Margaret Murphy 2001 No Shoes, No Shirts, No Problems Kenny Chesney
Bypass Kate Sala 2002 Wrapped Around Braad Paisley
Closer Mark Kelly 2002 Closer Susan Ashton
DHSS Gaye Teather 2002 If I Was Jesus Toby Keith
Margarita Cha Cindy Neel 2002 Senorita Margarita Tim McGraw
Oh Yes Wendy Anne Redpath 2002 Yes Chad Brok
Somebody Like You Alan Birchall 2002 Somebody Like You Keith Urban
Squeeze Me In Rob Fowler 2002 Squeeze Me In Garth Brooks / Trisha Yearwood
Tansila Liz Clarke 2002 Still In Love With You Travis Tritt
Wanna Be Me Ed Lawton 2002 Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me Keith Urban
Beer For My Horses Christine Bass 2003 Beer For My Horses Toby Keith
Celebrity David Pytka 2003 Celebrity Brad Paisley
Cliche Kate Sala 2003 Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde Travis Tritt
Get Reel Marco Masselli 2003 Get Reel Urban Trad
Part Time In Dixie Andrew Palmer 2003 Southern Boys Charlie Daniels Band
Standing Outside Joy Ashton 2003 Standing Outside The Fire Garth Brooks
The Right To Remain Silent Michelle Burton 2003 The Right To Remain Silent Doug Stone
Wave On Wave Alan Birchall 2003 Wave On Wave Pat Green
Caught In The Act Ann Wood 2004 It Don't Get Better Than This Rodney Crowell
Come On And Dance Peter Metelnick & Allison Biggs 2004 On Way Ticket LeAnn Rimes
Cut A Rug Jo & Rita Thomson 2004 Roll Back The Rug Scooter Lee
Days Go By John Grrowler Rowell 2004 Days Go By Keith Urban
Doctor Doctor Masters In Llne 2004 Bad Case In Lovin' You Robert Palmer
Hell Yeah T. Knight & S. Schoenberger. 2004 Redneck Woman Gretchen Wilson
Raindrops Cinta Larrotcha 2004 What's A Guy Gonna Do Joe Nichols
Save A Horse Beverly d'Angelo et Johnny Montana 2004 Save A Horse Big & Rich
Suds In The Bucket Yvonne Andersson 2004 Suds In The Bucket Sara Evans
Truckers Maggie Gallagher 2004 Independent Trucker Brooks & Dunn
Ain't For The Faint Pete Harkness 2005 Lot Of Livin' Left To Do Dierks Bentley
All Jacked Up Nancy A. Morgan 2005 All Jacked Up Gretchen Wilson
Amber Mary Kelly 2005 Live To Love Another Day Keith Urban
Beer Goggles Gerald Biggs 2005 Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On Neal McCoy
CCS Tracy Davis & Joerg Hammer 2005 If I Never Stop Loving You David Kersh
Come Dance With Me Jo Thomson 2005 Come Dance With Me Nancy Hayes
Good Luck's Gonna Shine Audrey Watson 2005 Better Life Keith Urban
I Never Work On A Sunday Gordon Elliott 2005 I Never Work On A Sunday Keith Urban
I Wanna Be A Hillbilly Francis S 2005 I Wanna Be A Hillbilly Billy Currington
Irish Stew Lois Lightfoot 2005 Irish Stew Shamrock
Jailhouse Creole Double Trouble 2005 Jailhouse Rock - King Creole Billy Swann
Keg In The Closet Jason Drake 2005 Keg In The Closet Kenny Chesney
Kill The Spider Gaye Teather 2005 You Need A Man Around Here Brad Paisley
Some Beach Helen Born & Nita Lindley 2005 Some Beach Blake Shelton
The World Maggie Gallagher 2005 The World Brad Paisley
Twist And Shake Sylvie Roy 2005 The Shake Neal McCoy
What About Now Pierre Mercier 2005 What About Now Lonestar